‘The Expendables 3′ Movie Stars Want Justin Bieber for the Next Film


With The Expendables 3 hitting theaters recently, many fans are already looking forward to the next movie and who will show up to join the team. But one name floating around seems to have everyone perplexed. In a recent interview with the actors of the movie “The Expendables 3” , the reporter from Entertainment Tonight asked Wesley Snipes , Jason Satatham and Sylvester Stallone on the possible role of singer Justin Bieber‘s next feature film of the saga.

The actors answered questions and making jokes about Sylvester Stallone added that “anything is possible”

“We need someone to stir the tea,” joked Jason Statham.

Watch video below: ET asked the current stars about the rumors that Justin will make an appearance in the Expendables film and their reaction was priceless!

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  • Milagro Schomer

    Love to watch JB in expendables 4