‘Only Hot Enough’, Justin Bieber Selected Girls At Finger To Party In Ibiza

justin bieber hot girls selected for party

Justin Bieber of 20 years would have annoyed the girls at the club Amnesia in Ibiza at the weekend for selecting women from the crowd to join him in his cabin in the VIP area insisting that they left their friends behind, if he did not think they were beautiful enough.

Last week the singer Justin Bieber was in Ibiza, Spain and beyond its passage through the island paradise have been controversial, Justin enjoyed the time on the yacht clubs and it was photographed several times accompanied by beautiful women. According to the site AZ Central , Bieber was so selective to get girls to party with him that would have annoyed some, for which they want to leave their friends behind if they had not ‘hot’ enough for him.

A source said: “Justin was causing problems, sending his entourage to walk on the main floor of the club. Calling the girls to go with them if they wanted to party with Bieber. But some were told that they could not go because her friends were not ‘hot enough’. ”

And the behavior of the singer of ‘Beauty and the Beat’ with those who have been chosen to join him was ‘too weird’, since he did not even talk to girls.

The source added to The Sun newspaper: “He never looked like he was talking to them He stood in the middle while they danced around was very strange…”

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