Forrest Griffin Wants To Train Orlando Bloom For An Upcoming Fight With Justin Bieber

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Recently Justin Bieber was involved in a fight with British actor Orlando Bloom in Ibiza, Spain, while the singer spends a few days of vacation there. Knowing this, the UFC champion Forrest Griffin , Bloom offered to help him prepare in case a fight with Bieber next occurs because according to him, was not impressed with the actor.

The martial arts legend, Forrest Griffin , wants to work with Orlando Bloom before he has another fight with Justin Bieber.

The legend said that the UFC would be happy to train Bloom, because he was unimpressed with the way the star of “The Lord of the Rings” went over Bieber in Ibiza. “He gave a weak punch” said Griffin TMZ .

If they fight again, I can show him some moves so he can win. He is not great, but it seems he has range. Then again, everyone seems to be great alongside Justin Bieber.

In a story that made headlines around the world, Bloom advanced in Bieber after the singer provoke the Cipriani restaurant in Ibiza.

Bieber reportedly made comments about former wife of Bloom, the Australian supermodel Miranda Kerr.

According to the New York Post, Bloom was furious when Bieber mocked him, saying: “It was good” – a reference to the mysterious encounter with Bieber Kerr at a Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2012.

Bloom said fans have praised him for trying to hit Bieber. “Everyone keeps telling me I’m your hero,” Bloom said.

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  • Tifany Ora

    Better he got some training rather than beaten up by justin.