Video: ‘You Cheered My Trip’, Justin Bieber Thanks Fans Affection In Ibiza


No matter where you go, Justin Bieber always has an army of fans around him and in Ibiza, Spain, the crowd was weight behind the singer tonight. While leaving a luxury yacht to enjoy a night on the town, the Canadian encountered countless people waiting, and greeted them waving briefly before continuing its path being taken by a speedboat. The fans, who were elated by a contact, the times recorded videos and shared them through social networks.

Bieber even posted a video on his account on Instagram application, showing the crowd of fans waiting at the local port waiting for a contact. In the legend, Justin returned the affection of fans happy by showing the harassment: “I love my Beliebers Ibiza, you glad my ♛ trip” . Check out the updates below:

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    We love you justin always <<<3