Justin Bieber Enjoys Flyboarding At The Beach In Ibiza

Justin bieber Flyboarding 1

Justin Bieber took to the ocean for some fun water sports in Ibiza on Sunday. He attempted the latest craze of Flyboarding, whereby a powered water jetpack is connected to the punter’s feet and thus propels them into the air.

After flyboarding, Justin cover his head with a towel while disembarking on his way to a restaurant.

Before leaving Ibiza, Justin Bieber booked to practice flyboard and the singer was photographed while on a boat accompanied by an instructor and his entourage, before venturing into the extreme sport that allows ‘hovering’ over the waters . As for the performance of Bieber on French sport, for recording the paparazzi, the Canadian did not leave to be desired and achieved great maneuvers. Minutes later, Justin was photographed while returning to the beach. Check out these and more HQ photos in our gallery by clicking the thumbnails below:

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    great water adventure sport.