‘Justin Bieber Was Causing’ Anastasia Skolkova Account On Fight With Orlando Bloom

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While tanned summer days in Ibiza, Justin Bieber was involved in a mishap with actors Orlando Bloom and Leonardo DiCaprio. At the time,  persons on site confirmed that Justin was being cordial and Bloom would have suddenly attacked, but a new version has been accounted.

The model Anastasia Skolkova , on site, spoke to the Daily Record and according to her, Justin was not dining on site, the singer had entered the restaurant and gone straight to table the actor in the saga “The Lord of the Rings.”

This was the moment that Orlando Bloom assaults Justin Bieber – after the actor jumped a sofa to achieve it.

The Spanish model Skolkova Anastasia , 20, who was sitting at a table in the restaurant Cipriani in Ibiza, it was reported that the singer who tried problems.

And after the actor of “The Lord of the Rings” came to the star, the whole room – including the table of Leonardo Di Caprio – applauded.

Everyone started clapping when Orlando Bieber hit,” she says. “A whole table of Orlando and Leonardo DiCaprio was celebrating” .

However, I do not know if they were congratulating Orlando or trying to get his attention and calm him down.

She reports that Justin Bieber was pulled from the restaurant by security of the site – which Orlando jumped on the couch in the race to reach it.

Justin, 20, had made no meal on site, just came in search of problems, says Anastasia.

I do not know why he was there,” she says. “I think it was for cause. There was no table ready to receive them. If an establishment knows that this kind of people is coming, prepare more security. Security guards led with hands behind his back.

Describing the moments before the confusion, she believes it all started because of some comment that Bieber may have made ​​about the ex-wife of Orlando, Miranda Kerr, Ana told the Mirror: “People were calm, having their dinners. Leonardo DiCaprio was sitting at the table Orlando. It was a large table with many friends. It was quiet, suddenly people started to take their cameras. As dinner was a show.

Bieber said something to DiCaprio – I do not know that because they were about seven or eight feet from my desk. Leo shook hands toward him as if to say do not care what he said. Yes, he ignored it.

Reports suggest that Bieber was saying something about Miranda, 31, at the party.

What happened left the tense atmosphere in the restaurant, the atmosphere of dinner was over, and Bieber was gone.

Bieber was nervous. Orlando was very, very, very nervous, ” Ana continued.

“When Bieber walked something like 10 meters, Orlando had about a minute to think about what would do,” continues Ana. “He got up, ran and jumped on the couch. There was nobody sitting on the couch he jumped. So the security team arrived and tried to separate them, but before there was a punch. They were separated, everyone thought it was okay, but they tried to attack again.

They were trying to fight, but that Bieber teased. He said two or three words to DiCaprio, Orlando then rose, perhaps to defend what had happened before with Miranda, he was really nervous. I could not hear what he said. ”

As Bieber was not having a meal in the restaurant, security guards escorted him out of the place.

“When the guards saw what was happening they separated them, and Orlando Bieber tried something again and the guards were like ‘who came Bieber, Bieber proved that this fight’, so they put his hands on his back and led him out of the restaurant.

Meanwhile, celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and DJ Erick Morrilo enjoyed dinner and were laughing the incident.

Lindsay Lohan tried to calm the Bieber when he left,” Anna continues. “She tried to calm him, but he was nervous, like, ‘I do not want to talk to anyone.‘”

Orlando was very uncontrolled. He tried to calm down after Bieber came out but could not so went away. DiCaprio and everyone at the table tried to calm him down.

The fight seems great for small friendship with Bieber Mirando. The two were photographed together at a Victoria’s Secret event in 2012 while she was still married to Bloom.

The next night, Bieber posted a photo of Orlando apparently crying on his Instagram. Orlando was previously photographed with Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber ex.

Aiming and Bloom, who have a three year old daughter named Flynn, divorced in October, after three years of marriage. Despite the divorce they still have good times.

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  • Albertina Brunsting

    Orlando bloom is just frustrated too much.

  • Team Orlando Bloom

    You gave the wrong transcript of the Skolkova’s words. She didn’t say “nervous” – she said “angry.” There is a video on Internet – just watch and listen attentively. She said that Bieber got angry after Di Caprio flicked him away. Bieber said something and Orlando “became very, very angry.” To make Orlando Bloom very, very angry is practically impossible. Biebs said something really bad, dirty and idiotic and he was intentionally provoking Mr. Bloom. Bieber is a real jerk that shouldn’t be allowed in places where good, normal, civilized people minding their own business. Let him stay i his low-life environment. Bieber is a useless spoiled brat who got too much money too early and never learned what respect and responsibility are. Hopefully his latest stunt is going to be the end of his talentless career. He is a bad role model and his crazy fanbase proved it once again.
    As for the picture that little coward posted on Instagram, LOL, that ignorant creep made a laughing-stock of himself and his illiterate fans. Bloom wasn’t crying, he was rubbing his eye from the tiredness. It’s a picture from the red carpet photo-session right after his successful premiere of “Romeo and Juliet” on Broadway. Biebs is such an uneducated bozo. He needs a work therapy in a community service.