Justin Bieber Rides A Jet Ski In De Illetas Beach In Ibiza, Spain

Justin Bieber Rides A Jet Ski 1

Taking advantage of his day off in Ibiza, Spain, Justin Bieber had fun on the beach De Illetas on a luxury yacht.

The star of 20 years was enjoying the sunny day in the beautiful local countryside, accompanied by several friends, among whom was the actress Michelle Rodriguez. Bieber, who loves venturing into radical activities made a Jet ski ride, and paraded shirtless displaying his buff physique by yacht.

Justin Bieber, 20, seems to have enlisted the protection of the world’s sexist bodyguard, Michelle Rodriguez! Just one day after the singer was spotted getting into a reported fight with Orlando Bloom, 37, at Cipriani restaurant, the heartthrob decided to have a nice relaxing day on a yacht, but definitely kept Michelle close just in case the Lord Of The Rings star decided to show up.

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  • Mee Debiasio

    Looks sexy as always <3

  • Glynda Easlick

    Great fun to ride.