‘He’s Like A Brother’, Cody Simspon Defends Justin Bieber To Talk About The Fight With Orlando Bloom

Cody Simpson congrats Justin Bieber on stage

Em recent interview to the program “The Morning Show” from Australia, the singer Cody Simpson defended Justin Bieber to comment on the Quarrel between the Canadian and actor Orlando Bloom, which occurred at the restaurant Cipriani em Ibiza, in Spain, in the latter Third-fair.

Cody said that Bieber is young and engages in some trouble at times, but nevertheless considers him a “big brother”, and supports the Canadian who knows that Justin does many good things.

Cody Simpson defended Justin Bieber after his fight with Orlando Bloom , placing blame for their actions on youth.

The singer of 20 years had to dodge a punch star of ‘Lord of the Rings’ at a party in Ibiza, after allegedly making a comment about the ex-wife of actor, Miranda Kerr, with which he was even romantically linked during marriage. Simpson insists that his mistakes can be attributed to his youth.

Speaking on “The Morning Show” Australian program, he said: “Obviously we are all young and he gets into some trouble at times.”

He is a person I would support at all. He is like an older brother.

And despite the controversy Bieber antics – which also include numerous disagreements with neighbors about their wild parties – Cody insists he is “many good things” to people.

He has the world in his hands and he also does many good things. I have many good things to say [about it],” he said.

Justin and Orlando got into a fight in the restaurant Cipriani in Ibiza, after the singer of ‘Baby’ allegedly told the actor, “ Say hi to Miranda for me “, taking you from on top of him.

Miranda’s lawyer has said that rumors that she cheated Orlando – who is the son of three years old, Flynn – with Bieber after the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2012 were “false and defamatory”.

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