Justin Bieber And Michelle Rodriguez Caught ON A Yacht Together In Ibiza, Spain


Justin Bieber, 20, seems to have enlisted the protection of the world’s sexist bodyguard, Michelle Rodriguez! Just one day after the singer was spotted getting into a reported fight with Orlando Bloom, 37, at Cipriani restaurant, the heartthrob decided to have a nice relaxing day on a yacht, but definitely kept Michelle close just in case the Lord Of The Rings star decided to show up.

What a random pairing! Last time we saw Michelle, she was showing off her amazing body while on a yacht with Zac Efron!

But today, the actress was with the Biebs. Before the rumor mill starts churning, these two are just friends, according to TMZ. With smiles on their faces, Michelle and Justin seemed to get along swimmingly. This all happened just one day after Orlando allegedly punched Justin in front of some famous faces, including Diddy and Paris Hilton.

But after hanging out on a boat all day with Zac Efron’s new lady, Michelle Rodriguez, we’re sure some sort of rumor will spread.
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  • Doreen Carlo

    both are sexy looking.

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    That would be better choice justin :)