Dan Kanter Speaks Playful Side Of Justin Bieber And His Friendship With Singer

Dan Kanter Justin Bieber

Guitarist and musical director of Justin Bieber, Dan Kanter , accompanying the singer since the beginning of his career, commented on how this partnership that has existed for five years began. The famous guitarist Justin said he considers as a brother and also talked about some of the games that both do and preach in each other frequently. Dan also revealed details of the composition of the song “Be Alright” , which is part of the album ” Believe “and was produced by him and the star on a beach in Bali.

Kanter also had a curiosity about the Canadian, revealing that he is a “great cook” . Check out excerpts from the interview in which Justin is quoted below:

Hannah: You are the guitarist of Justin Bieber and this is really great! How do you really get into it?

Dan : Thanks, it’s really exciting. I was lucky, but I’ve been in musical direction and playing guitar for pop artists for a long time. In canada long ago I was helping children just like we do for a nearby star, better developing their performance setlists writing, teaching to sing correctly and so the moment that Justin needed someone, thankfully, I was recommended to him, what’s been five years.

Hannah: Now you are probably best friends.

Dan : Yes, he is like my younger brother – for sure.

Hannah: Brothers make jokes and I know you play pranks on each other sometimes. I really enjoy a good joke, then Justin was once on his Twitter account and posted that you were leaving the team. Have you ever got revenge? Because, you promised you would retaliate.         

Dan : Yes, Justin is very playful. He hacked into my Twitter and announced that I had stopped and that he will never forgive me for what I did and five minutes after it happened, TMZ called her manager asking for an exclusive about what I did to get out, which is hilarious. But I really did not give change. We made ​​some jokes with him, we have a song called “One Less Lonely Girl“, where Justin brings a girl on stage and he gives flowers to her and gives her a crown and she is his queen and then a show in the previous tour [ My World Tour], we call the overweight guy and sweaty team took to the stage and he sat in the chair and Justin had to give flowers and make the serenade, and he was not very happy with it. (Laughs)

Hannah: Well, you think he’ll pay you back for it?

Dan : He preaches ask me all the time. During all the time. So I have no doubt that there will be more games out there, I always seem to be the butt of their jokes.

Hannah: Okay. So it’s not really ‘revenge’.

Dan : It’s hard to play tricks on him because often he’s on stage in front of eighty thousand people and we really do not want to spoil the show for the audience. So it’s easy for him to preach in parts – we just can not fight back.

Hannah: That’s true! I know that you are more than guitarist of Justin Bieber. You are also the co-writer of “Be Alright” and I think this song really stands out for me is one of my favorite songs. It’s really soft, tell me about how it was to write this song.

Dan : “Be Alright” is a very special song for us. We write in Bali, when we sat on the beach. So we were sitting with an acoustic guitar, so it’s probably sounds so soft, and you know, is a kind of relaxation. It is a special song because it is one of the first times that – you know Justin and I are very close and we talk a lot about personal things that are happening in our lives, but this was the first time that we not only talk about it, but we write about it and we were both in long distance relationships. We wrote a song about it and it means a lot to both of us and I think the fans really like this song because it is a kind of insight into what he is really feeling. Not just a pop dance song, is a very personal song.

Hannah: So, between you and me, can you tell me something about Justin that I would not know a magazine Tiger Beat.

Dan : Yes, this is a difficult question – what I told you? I would probably say that not everyone knows that Justin is a great cook. Even though you might think ‘oh, Justin Bieber – he could have people who cook for him’. In fact, he prefers cooking and he is a great cook. He makes food all the time, it was a lot of fun on the last tour, we were tired of staying in hotels, so we started renting houses in different places and different cities and we always stood a house with a large kitchen and he’d always be there for cook like a hurricane (laughs).

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