VIDEO: Madison Beer Reveals 5 Secrets About Justin Bieber In The Studio


The singer of 15 years, Madison Beer, which has met several times with Justin Bieber in the studio, revealed some facts about the Canadian superstar when it is in place that has been most recently seen in the studio producing many new songs.

In the interview, Madison counted 5 secrets about Justin in the studio, and even commented how the Canadian singer is a true mentor that makes “learn a lot” to each session. Check out the video

Ok, talking about the transition from Justin Bieber, we know he has been his mentor, and I know you have spent much time with him in the studio, and I know that this experience is very cool. So I wonder if you can tell us five things about working in the studio with Justin Bieber that people may not know.

Madison : One of the things is that it takes many sweets, candies, cereals and Cream Soda and this is what he likes to take to the studio. It’s like he did not live without these things. It always takes some friends. People usually like to be alone in the studio, but it always takes some friends because he likes to have good vibes around him.

Yes, they can help you with good ideas.

Madison : That’s right. He likes the comments from friends.

Have you heard or saw it recording?

Madison : Yeah, whenever I’m in the studio, is when I go to Miami and go back a few months later and I’m in the studio recording with him. And that’s a lot of fun. We’ve posted some photos on Instagram. The first time we met, he went to a studio to meet me. And I learn a lot from him every time I see him in a studio, which is too much. He’s incredible.

And how is his reaction when you record something and he likes what he heard?

Madison : He does not get excited, he’s like “it was good”, “it was amazing”, and that’s how I know I have to change something. And when he says nothing, is when I know I did something good.

That makes sense. He is speechless, absolutely speechless. Ok, you made many selfies with him in the studio. And it does selfies all the time. He says “let’s make a selfie Madison” or he comes up to you and makes selfie?

Madison : He comes to me and says “Let’s take a picture?” and he likes to take the picture. And I’m sitting there and he comes and says “Let’s do a selfie”. And boys like to take photo from the bottom up, and I’m like “this raises arm.”

You are so sincere! I agree with you!

Madison : Yes, he always gets his hand down there, and I’m like “Okay, let’s raise that arm a little.”

You have to teach him. And that light is always low in the studio?

Madison : I know, it’s always dark, but you know, it’s fun.

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