‘I Love Justin Bieber’ John Waters Also Watched ‘Believe’ Movie And Criticizes Singer’s Parole

Justin Bieber and John Waters

In an interview with the Calgary Herald, filmmaker, writer and journalist, John Samuel Waters commented on his new book, ‘ Carsick’. Waters hitchhiked across the United States and the book recounts details of this journey, including when hitched a ride with a young man in a Corvette Kid, and reported that the book turned movie, I would like Justin Bieber to interpret the character of this part that was one of the most memorable of his adventure.

The American director who has had films starring Johnny Depp, Edward Furlong and Melanie Griffith, still left in defense of Justin, reporting that the authorities have been too harsh with the Canadian.

Although Waters never made a film about his journey, he has a certain Canadian pop star in mind for the role of adventure in Corvette Kid.

I love Justin Bieber. I wanted him to interpret the [young] Corvette Kid” , he said.

Waters is not joking when he says he loves Bieber.

The filmmaker admitted to having seen the film “Justin Bieber’s Believe” alone on Christmas Eve, during a matinee, and he thinks the authorities are “being very cruel to him now” by “ridiculous reasons“.

He was fined $80 thousand U.S. dollars for throwing eggs? That seems a little excessive to me, ” Waters said in his famous playful tone.

He was arrested for driving a Ferrari to 60km per hour. I thought he was driving slowly. I did not think you would be stopped if he was driving a Ferrari to 60km per hour.

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