Gigi Hadid Speaks Of Rumors Of Flirting With Justin Bieber And Tells How She Met

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During an interview with WWD, the model for 19 years, Gigi Hadid commented on the rumors that emerged in March this year, when she was with the singer Justin Bieber in Monaco, France and was photographed alongside Justin and other guests during the Grand Prix. Gigi commented on the rumors that she flirted with the Canadian superstar, after it was confused with another guest who was next to Justin on luxury boat and commented how much she admires the singer and how she met the same during a season that went on tour Bieber, “Believe” in 2013, when her boyfriend, singer Cody Simpson, opened some of the same shows. Check out excerpts from the interview that Bieber is quoted:

WWD: Your social presence is growing, in part due to the fact that you are constantly in the headlines since even with Justin Bieber.

GH : Justin is a good friend of mine, he’s amazing. I met him in Cannes. Wait, that’s a lie. We met through my ex-boyfriend [Note: they are back together now], which is also signed by Scooter Braun and were together on tour. That is, Cody Simpson. I’ve been on tour for two weeks Bieber. It was crazy, but very fun. I felt like one of the guys on tour in a bus with 10 guys. Was disgusting. You have to get used to not showering. They said, “How do you keep so gorgeous?” And I answered, “Dry Shampoo.” Then I met with [Bieber] sometimes, but we’re friends and everything with my ex-boyfriend was cool, and he and Justin are very close. So it was all good. I met with several of his friends in Cannes and ended up going to the same places. In this case, I just ended up watching the race from the Grand Prix in the same boat. That was how we ended up together.

WWD: How do you deal with social media and the many messages you receive?

GH : I try not to watch much people on Twitter. Has this photo of a girl hugging Justin and everyone says I am, but I’m not – she has brown hair and she’s wearing bracelets. I was not using all those accessories. Next are upon me. Then there are sites that are saying, “Justin flirts with Gigi shirtless” and then clicking on the photo, is showing Justin and I sat on opposite sides of the boat. I’m looking to one side and he’s looking at each other and he’s not wearing a shirt, because we’re on a boat. And flirting? That part of the picture says we’re flirting? Show me a sign that we are flirting. I think you have to pick your battles.

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