‘He Has To Go’ With Complaints From Neighbors, Justin Bieber Was Planning On Moving

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A few months ago, after being involved in several disagreements in his former residence in Calabasas, Justin Bieber moved to a luxury condo in Beverly Hills the Oakhurst , but according to reports from some neighbors and police, the Canadian singer is facing new problems to live on site. The reasons are the constant complaints from tenants about the noise and the smell of marijuana coming from the apartment of the star, moreover, the constant presence of fans surrounding the condo has left the troubled residents.

According to “TMZ” Bieber was considering moving the Oakhurst and seek a new home in Los Angeles also. Justin Bieber is changing the condo in Beverly Hills that he’s turned upside down with the parties and marijuana … And he is seriously considering moving to the luxurious building of Candy Spelling..And he is considering moving to the end of September.

Real estate sources tell  … Justin took the hint that he is not welcome at the condo where police were six times in a single weekend to check the party he was giving in coverage.

As to the site … Our sources say he is in doubt between two options in Los Angeles … A house, or The Century – A luxury complex in Century City , where Candy Spelling has spent $ 47 thousand dollars for only two floors .

Justin has been using his condo in Beverly Hills as a party venue for names like Johnny Manziel, Floyd Mayweather, Tyrese and Tyga.

Candy has a private pool with a spectacular view of the city, so … We call Candy to comment on the matter, but she did not return the contact.

FOX LA reported more details about the problems that the Canadian star has been facing in his current residence and reports of some neighbors in an interview. Check out the video:

Until now, only have happened warnings and promises to cooperate more in the future, but it is possible, if the police get there in time to hear the loud music, they can charge him with an offense. And if it’s really extreme, can be a criminal charge of disturbing the peace. “It’s a kind of game of cat and mouse‘ said Sergeant Max Subin, recognizing that the police are used to being overly patient with the most people here. And of course, they have particular experience in dealing with celebrities.

The resident of the condo, Lisa Lattina was less comprehensive and less patient, “He has to go away”, she said, one of the few in the condo who were willing to talk.’s liquidator politely asked us to leave his property.

A group that is excited by Justin stay in place are the operators of buses. At least six of these vans appeared in the two hours we were there, and carrying teenagers.

A girl of 13 years old, of New Jersey said he was very excited. She said he is “hot, but despite having bad attitudes is not a bad person.”

Another tourist in the van said he loves Justin by “all the charity work he does, but he is not recognized for it“.

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