Video: Jasmine Villegas Rates Justin Bieber Kiss In Baby Music Video


In a recent radio interview with Power 106 FM, the singer Jasmine Villegas was questioned about which rate would give the Justin Bieber kiss on a scale of one to tens. Jasmine, who acted as a romantic couple on the Canadian music video of “Baby” in 2010, and had a brief romantic involvement with the star, gave a nine to kiss Justin.

One of the radio reporters further questioned the singer of “That’s Me Right There” why not ten, Villegas apologized saying that Bieber had been with a long time, but as far as she can remember was a nine. Check out time from the instant ” 00:16 “in the video below:

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  • Suzanne Camaj

    I give him 10 on 10 <3

  • emily

    Id give him a 10 out of 10