Justin Bieber Goes On A Journey With Friends Also Meet Fans While Leaving The Studio On The Streets Of LA

Justin bieber private jet 1

After a stint working for several hours in the studio, devoting time to their next album and projects in partnership with other artists, Justin Bieber updated his account in the Instagram with photos of his most recent activities, traveling with friends on a private jet.

In the pictures the singer 20 years appears catching a flight with his friend Khalil and after reporting that he was traveling to “paradise“, next morning the Canadian superstar posted new photos commenting that the next stop was Ireland, in their season off .Justin bieber private jet 2He has devoted most of his time to music, being in the studio as it has done in recent weeks, but even after hours in session, the singer squandered sympathy and education when he came across a group of fans, after spending hours in the studio working on new projects, including a project that involves not just one but several songs on acoustic majority in partnership with the Australian singer, Cody Simpon, with whom he spent several hours in the studio on Monday.

Justin met the fans without hiding a smile and affection by the same expressions recorded by the paparazzi photos. Justin took photos and graced his Beliebers with kisses on his face during the poses. Check out these and more photos in our gallery by clicking the thumbnails below:

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