Video: Justin Bieber Meets Fans In Los Angeles, California


Justin Bieber attended several fans on a street in Los Angeles, California. Soon after meeting the lucky fans shared photos on social media like Shots and Twitter, recounting how Canadian Idol was caring and happy, making the moment even more special. Check out videos and photos in our gallery by clicking the thumbnails below:

Among the testimonials and thanks to the Canadian superstar, one of the fans who bought a hat of the same model that Justin used recently reported that the singer praised the accessory equal to his, “Yes, he saw me, he immediately hugged me and said he loved the my hat. When we were taking the picture Justin said: “We can not look like we are strangers in the photo, pull me closer to you” “.

“I love to hug him, he has the most amazing hug all” reported another fan who won several kisses from Justin after he asked for a kiss on the cheek, while the 20 year old ate an apple.

Justin on the evening of Wednesday (23), has released eleven previous songs that has been recording in the studio also revealed that most of the songs already recorded in the studio, will not be on his album, “I told Justin he could not wait the album and he said: ‘Most of the things I’m writing now will not be part of the album’ ” . Check out the video of Justin with the statement:

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