Listen: Excerpt Of New Song From Justin Bieber In Partnership With Tyga

justin bieber tyga

After surprising his thousands of fans with previews of some of the 11 new songs that come ready in the studio, Justin Bieber also met with the rapper Tyga recently and both worked on a new collaboration. The song was played at an event in Los Angeles and part of it released on the internet.

The musical maturation of the Canadian stays sharp to hear the melodies and lyrics of new hits that have not even been released and are already making the biggest hit among their army of fans. The new songs impressed the more than 17 million followers of Bieber in the app, with good beats and varied styles the singer showed his talent as a musician again. Justin released 11 previews of what’s to come, and anxiety for the release of the new album only increases.

No name or release date announced, Justin’s second collaboration with Tyga, who recorded “Wait For A Minute” with JB in 2013, has joined the list of songs most anticipated by fans. Listen to the excerpt on the player below:

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