LISTEN: Justin Bieber Teases 11 New Songs From His New Album

justin bieber new songs

Justin Bieber teases an album’s worth of new song on his Instagram. He took to the social media app and released 15-second clips of 11 new songs that he’s been working on, and fans are freaking out. Justin didn’t offer any other information behind the music yet, and most of them don’t even have a song title.

Justin Bieber decided to gift his fans with excerpts from several of the long-awaited new musical productions. The star of 20 years has been dedicated to a work routine in studios for a long period, producing songs that should be on his next album, still no release date scheduled, and shared snippets of new songs through videos which were published in his account in the app Instagram .

The musical maturation of the Canadian stays sharp to hear the melodies and lyrics of new hits that have not even been released and are already making the biggest hit among their army of fans. The new songs impressed the more than 17 million followers of Bieber in the app, with good beats and varied styles the singer showed his talent as a musician again. Justin released 11 previews of what’s to come, and anxiety for the release of the new album only increases.

He just recorded the image of a studio soundboard as he moves the camera along to the beat of the song playing in the background. The only tidbit Justin shared concerning any upcoming project was a tweet that read, “Great night in the studio.

Listen the clips of 11 songs below. Even though they’re each only 15-seconds, it’s already pretty clear that Justin’s next album is going to be fire.

  • Suzanne Camaj

    wow, totally excited for new album.

  • Mikki Bialy

    Love your music, can’t wait..

  • Willene Vienneau

    Great melodies.

  • Charlena Donlyuk

    Always love your song lyrics.