Justin Bieber Didn’t Use A Wheelchair To Skip Lines At Disneyland, He Was Just In Pain In The Legs

Justin bieber wheelchair disney

After the passing of singer Justin Bieber for Disneyland, which took place on July 19, some pictures of it in a wheelchair beside some fans have created controversy and led to multiple sites and users in social networks to comment on the real motives of singer had used the chair and was really with limited mobility or just was a way to pierce the queues to use toys theme park.

After several fans commenting that Bieber used the wheelchair to outwit a group of fans who were seeking him in the park, as a security measure to prevent riots, the program On Air With Ryan Seacrest spoke with Ken Baker, a correspondent for E! News , who commented on the subject and exposed his theory.

Justin-Bieber-WheelchairJustin Bieber was spotted at Disneyland on Sunday with some friends … but for some reason, he was being pushed through the park in a wheelchair, according to fan photos that appeared on the network.

Ryan Seacrest tell all the details:

This is turning into a potential scandal, but no one knows what’s happening.

Bieber, over the weekend, went to Disneyland with some friends and family. And he went on a bunch of rides, but it just so happens that while he was also in a wheelchair the whole time. He was in a good mood, he was taking pictures with his fans… But people, what I’m told, people we’re getting annoyed because they felt like he was using the wheelchair… in order to get to the front of the line on the rides at Disneyland.

If this was true, it would be the most horrible thing … talk about bad karma.

But Ken does not think Justin was actually faking an injury just to pass in front of everyone to do the tours. “Probably he was just in pain in the legs because he played basketball or something.”

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