‘He Is A Wonderful Person And Told Me To Never Give Up’ Madison Beer On Justin Bieber

madison beer justin bieber

The American singer Madison Beer has never hidden his admiration always had for Justin Bieber and even before joining the music industry, was a big fan of the Canadian superstar. Years later, having Justin as his musical mentor, Beer lives the fulfillment of a dream be a star and still have as main support their idol, sharing moments in the studio and collaborations of fun, hanging out with Justin and his entourage whenever the agenda of both is compatible.

In addressing her friendship with Bieber, the singer during an interview, the singer of ” Unbreakable “expressed his admiration and gratitude, counting the advice he received from Justin were great support in difficult times. Check out:

Justin Bieber tweeted about you after seeing you singing on YouTube. What was it like to meet him?

Madison : Honestly it was so amazing to get to know him. I really looked at it. Something was hallucinating.

What was the best advice he ever gave you?

Madison : He told me to never give up. I think this was an important advice, because there are times when you are at the limit of their reasoning, then it would never give up something important and I thank him for telling me how important it is to continue, no matter what.

Has some memorable moments you shared together?

Madison : Yeah, when we’re in the studio, we have a few jokes and so our only play together. I just loved spending time with him and I think he is a wonderful person and an amazing artist and I feel very happy and grateful to be a part of it.

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