Mike Lerner Announces New Picture Of Justin Bieber On Photoshoot Independent

Justin Bieber Photoshoot Independent

The former photographer Justin Bieber, Mike Lerner has published a new photo of the test that performed with Justin Bieber in the month of March in Toronto. In the new images, the Canadian star posed for an independent and over the months testing various photos have been released by Mike, and placed the available for sale on their official website.

Last week there was a hearing of the case of the arrest of Justin Bieber in January this year in Miami Beach . The Canadian singer was not present, but lawyers Bieber with the prosecution that comes handling the case called for a truce for three weeks to work together on a plea deal.

The date of August 5 was defined and accepted by the judge overseeing the case, William Altfield for an upcoming hearing, and if there is a plea agreement, it is possible that it is not necessary to place a trial.

Delays have occurred because of evidence in favor of Bieber, who unlike the original charges, the singer was not making catches and levels of alcohol in their blood were within the law.

Yovanna Ventura and Selena Gomez’s competition runs deep! The model shared a heartfelt message with Instagram followers, and Justin Bieber praised Yovanna for it! We totally wonder how Selena Gomez feels. Justin praises comment on the attitude of the model in relation to advice given by it for people who do not feel comfortable with her ​​body, commenting on the legend, “Tell them yovanna Ventura, you’re so sweet“.Justin also uploaded a photo of their passage through the W Hotel during a charity event early on Wednesday

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