Alexandria Morgan Is the Hottest Woman on Instagram!


You might not have heard of Alexandria Morgan yet but we have a feeling that’s all about to change thanks to a certain advert. The American model Is the Hottest Woman on Instagram and the star of TomTom’s new ad to promote the sat nav brand’s latest fitness tracker. She popped up on our radar this week, and our lives are truly better for it. She’s a model who has appeared on Beach Bunny spreads, but here we’ll showcase her Instagram account, because the “avid bread enthusiast” has really put in the selfie work.

Set to the theme tune from ‘Chariots Of Fire’ (what else?), Alexandria, dressed in skimpy running gear, can be seen pounding the pavement wearing one of the new gadgets.

Not that you’d notice.

The message (and yes, there really is one in there, somewhere) is that the days of wearing a chest strap to monitor your heart rate are a thing of the past because the TomTom Runner Cardio has one built in.

Hence, Alexandria enjoying the experience of running ‘strapless’.

  • MuhammedAllah

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