Video: Justin Bieber Meets With Dan Kanter, Scooter Braun And Others In Studio -Ukulele Delivery


Justin Bieber spent hours working on their next studio productions. The Canadian singer met with several musicians, among them, his guitarist and music producer, Dan Kanter, the lead singer of the band hard rock, Andrew Watt, singer Madison Beer, rapper Khalil side and also to his manager Scooter Braun and his friend Lil Za.

Justin just left the studio around 4 am (Los Angeles time), which was the last group of musicians and friends to leave the premises. “With Dan Kanter in the studio, Madison Beer and Khalil in studio tonight, my artists. Scooter Braun, Dan Kanter and Andrew Watt, join ” commented the singer on the night of music.

On Instagram, Justin and Scooter shared the same videos, when the singer touched one of the successes of the rock band Phish alongside Dan Kanter and Andrew Watt to, but not to let Scooter off, handed a ukulele, musical instrument plucked strings play along with the group in one of the videos. ustin was there to deliver the ukulele, and suddenly, the melodies sounded a bit sweeter. Good thing Scooter has Justin to make everything right in the world of music. Check out the players below:

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