VIDEO: Justin Bieber Dancing Moves On Lady Gaga Song At Rollerskating Rink


Justin Bieber was at the rink Moonlight rollerway in Glendale, California, alongside friends to Khalil and Lil Za ,where he showing off his best moves as Lady Gaga blasted through the speakers. He was having a great time grooving to Gaga’s single “Do What U Want” while surrounded by stunned fellow skaters in the new clip he posted on Instagram (later deleted).enjoyed posing for selfies Shots in publishing videos and making some peculiar dances during his skating. Justin still was photographed by fans who were on the track and released on the same network. Check out photos and videos below:
Justin Bieber Lil Za khalilPosing: Justin with friends; Khalil and Lil Za.

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  • Shanae Hessee

    Like Ur Moves :)

  • Edra Ohotto

    Good moves, why deleted videos..