Justin Bieber’s Miami DUI Case Delayed Until Is Reschedule For August 5

Justin Bieber arrest dui

There was a hearing of the case of the arrest of Justin Bieber in January this year in Miami Beach . The Canadian singer was not present, but lawyers Bieber with the prosecution that comes handling the case called for a truce for three weeks to work together on a plea deal.

The date of August 5 was defined and accepted by the judge overseeing the case, William Altfield for an upcoming hearing, and if there is a plea agreement, it is possible that it is not necessary to place a trial.

Delays have occurred because of evidence in favor of Bieber, who unlike the original charges, the singer was not making catches and levels of alcohol in their blood were within the law.

Lawyers for Justin Bieber and Florida prosecutors decided Wednesday that they need more time to prepare a possible plea deal on charges that the pop star was driving under the influence and resisted arrest.

The Assistant State Attorney and Lawyer, David Gilbert and Bieber’s lawyer, Mark Shapiro asked for three more weeks. The judge in the Miami-Dade County , William Altfield rescheduled the matter for days August 5 .

Gilbert said in a brief hearing that the two sides informed the Altfield that until that date negotiations are progressing arguments “and need to set a trial date if necessary. ” He gave no other details, and Shapiro also did not elaborate. Bieber did not attend the hearing.

Almost back from zero” said Shapiro.

Bieber was arrested on January 23 in Miami Beach, after police reported a catch between Bieber rented Lamborghini and a Ferrari driven by a friend, the singer Khalil Amir Sharieff. Nobody was accused of making picks.

Alcohol breath tests performed on Bieber found a level below 0.02 which is the limit allowed in Florida for underage drivers, but the urine tests revealed the presence of marijuana and the anti-anxiety drug Xanax in his system. Bieber was also charged with resisting arrest and driving with a expired driver’s license. Sharieff is also accused of DUI.

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