Justin Bieber Is Subpoenaed To Testify Again In The Event Of Aggression Against Paparazzo In Miami

justin bieber deposition again

The singer Justin Bieber need to have a second examination in which the singer was ordered to attend regarding the case of the paparazzo Jeffrey Binion, who opened a prosecution of Canadian claiming to have been assaulted by security Justin by order of the same from a nearby studio in 2013.

According to documents obtained by “TMZ”, which runs the event in Miami, the singer will be questioned by the same lawyer who questioned in case of aggression against a limo driver. The judge’s order is that Bieber will have to answer the questions he refused to answer last time, including the question whether he has already discussed with a paparazzo when he was with his ex-girlfriend, Selena Gomez. The date of the deposition has not been established yet.

Meanwhile, reported that the ex-girlfriend of Bieber, the singer and actress Selena Gomez , has testified in Los Angeles, referring to another lawsuit filed against Justin for a paparazzo, photographer Jose Duran, accusing Canadian singer to have struck punches and kicks against him during an argument in 2012.

According to the site GE, Selena did not have many details about the incident she was seen calming Bieber performed his testimony smoothly and when asked about Justin has not had the same reaction when the singer was asked about the singer of “Come & Get It ” , who exclaimed, “Do not ask me about her [Selena] again” , when questioned about the Binion case in March this year.

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