VIDEO: Justin Bieber Look-Alike Puts Into Shame in the Recording Studio By Botched Singing


On new episode of Botched, we meet Toby Sheldon, who has spent over $100,000 to look like his idol Justin Bieber. Toby explains, “I was in the music business before Justin was four or five-years-old.”

He goes on to say that in order to write music, “You have to have that inner creativity, you have to have something to say, you have to be lyrically gifted, you have to know what’s catchy, it’s just something I’ve come to master.”

Watch the hilarious clip above to find out if Toby sounds like Justin Bieber in the recording studio!

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  • Lily Mcfarren

    Everyone can’t do the same.

  • Sherlene Dezeeuw

    You can’t copy eveything by money..