Justin Bieber Sends Roses, Messages And Crown OLLGTo Belieber Alicia Who Died

Justin Bieber Sends Roses, Messages And Crown Ollg To Belieber Alicia Who Died

Belieber 24, Alicia , suffered a serious car accident and died. The fan who really supported Justin Bieber fans and always helped others find their Canadian Idol received the support of thousands of fans and team members Justin via Twitter, along with the support of the singer himself, who in addition to sending a message via Instagram  also showed his affection and how much prized dedicated fan sending 100 roses with a message of support for Alicia and her family and an eternal symbol between Justin and his Beliebers, the famous crown OLLG ( “One Less Lonely Girl” ) .

A friend of Alicia published photos of Justin, thanking and praising their sensitivity about the way the singer 20 years cares about his fans, “I do not care what they say about Justin Bieber, he truly cares about his fans. Everyone needs to know that Justin has big heart ” .Justin Bieber Sends Roses, Messages And Crown Ollg To Belieber Alicia Who Died 1Taylor Vecchia , Alicia’s friend also added his thanks on Twitter, commenting that positive gestures like this Justin should be reported by the media and the singer comforted the heart of the family of a fan with this, “In the wake of Alicia was going a montage on video and then “Pray” started playing and I thrilled about it. Sites like TMZ and ENews should write an article about when I was at the wake of Alicia and Justin Bieber sent flowers and a crown of OLLG for her and her family. Alicia’s mother was very grateful for the love & Prayers team Bieber, Kenny Hamilton, Scooter Braun, Alfredo Flores, DJ Tay James and Justin Bieber.

The website of DJ and friend of Justin, We Know The DJ , also commented on the gesture of the singer: “He can make some mistakes, but we can not deny that Justin truly cares about his fans. A true class act … She [Alicia] is ​​taking care of you, boy.

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