Video: Justin Bieber Meets Fans And Sing ‘Baby’ With Little Girl In Los Angeles


Justin Bieber has met dozens of fans in Los Angeles, after spending hours working on his next studio album. The singer spent time in the studio accompanied by his producer Poo Bear, Model Yovanna Ventura, who is staying at his apartment in Beverly Hills and his partner Johnny Shahidi, who was working on some new stuff for the Shots .

After leaving the studio, Justin was approached by several fans and even very tired and sleepy, the singer ensured that they all had a photo with him and all accounts, fans commented how the Canadian star was affectionate and polite to everyone.

As he opened the window of the car, Justin said, “I want to adopt this little girl …” referring to the young cousin of a fan, who soon gained the lap of Justin and both sang together their famous hit, ” Baby ” . Check the time in the videos below:

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