Justin Bieber Is Found Guilty In The Outcome Of The Case Of ‘Egg Attack’

Justin Bieber Guilty Egg Attack

Another court case involving Justin Bieber came to an official resolution on Wednesday (09). Five months after the incident, the righteousness of Los Angeles decided to file a case of ‘egg attack‘ when Justin threw several eggs at the home of his former neighbor in Calabasas, California, just as a misdemeanor *, classifying the act as vandalism. The prosecution was undecided as to accuse Justin of a felony or a misdemeanor.

With the decision, Justin who pleaded guilty in a document filed by his lawyers, do not run the risk of going to jail, discharging feathers lighter. The outcome of the case hearing was held on Wednesday (9), but the presence of the singer was not mandatory and he did not attend the police station.

The Canadian pop star Justin Bieber will be charged with a misdemeanor count of vandalism for the case of ‘egg attack’ against the house of his neighbor, according to prosecutors. A spokesperson said that the singer was not in court for the hearing on Wednesday afternoon.

Bieber, 20, faces two other criminal cases in Florida and Toronto.

In January, investigators raided the mansion of Bieber in Calabasas, California to search for evidence after the ‘attack eggs’ apparently caused serious damage.

The LA County Sheriff’s Office stated that the police were looking for the tapes of the surveillance camera. The surveillance images seized in the house, showed Bieber running and celebrating after throwing eggs at the home of his neighbor, according to police.

The pop star could have faced a more serious charge if the damage to the house was over $ 20,000.

Under the reported agreement, Bieber does not go to prison but instead will be put in a year on probation and will be required to do community service. He will also pay compensation to the victim of ovada.

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