Justin Bieber Gets Intimate, Cuddling With New Girlfriend Yovanna Ventura

Justin Bieber Yovanna Ventura 1

Justin took time to post several snaps on his Shots account including one of the two cuddled up with Yovanna’s hands underneath his shirt as he played the keyboard. Many fans immediately noticed that their poses bore a striking resemblance to a photo Justin once took with Selena Gomez. Though this is the first time the two have been spotted together since what looked to be a beach date in early May, Justin has flirted with the model via Instagram since.

After a pass by a famous Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills and Justin Yovanna were walking in a mall and hours later posed for a selfie where they shared a moment of affection with Yovanna resting his chin on his shoulder as she hugs the waist Canadian Justin showing part of his underwear. Check out the selfie the singer released without subtitles, click on the thumbnail below:

Yovanna also posted on his Instagram account on one of the same photos that posed with Justin in Shots and commented on legend, speaking Smile Justin, “Everything is better with a smile” . Yovanna, an 18-year-old model, posted her own snapshot featuring Justin, writing, “Sweetest guy ever @justinbieber.

They were also in the studio together on Monday.

The pair previously sparked rumors of a possible romance when they hung out in early May.

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