Video: ‘This Is So Ridiculous’ Justin Bieber Pleads to Photogs After Bodyguards Get Rough With Paparazzi In Miami


On the last day July 4th holiday dedicated to the Independence of the United States, Justin Bieber likes an afternoon on a luxury yacht in Miami, in the company of friends and members of his entourage. The star had trouble getting to the yacht, as the port in which it appeared was packed with paparazzi, which ended up causing a rift between one of his bodyguards, Mikey Arana , and one of the photographers.

Released a video of the moment showing Mikey at odds with the paparazzi and then an account of Justin, telling a photographer / fan who was filming the situation, how ridiculous it was, and that all he wanted was and asked the paparazzi to back off a little so that he had access to the boat. Justin Bieber Bodyguards Get RoughThe bodyguard Justin Bieber was involved in a scuffle with a paparazzo who was trying to photograph his arrival at a party on a yacht in Miami – which led Justin to get a little upset, talking about how difficult his life became .

Justin was about to embark on a July 4th party full of drinks, when one of his bodyguards – who has been arrested in Miami – played a hard forearm to the chest of a paparazzo.

To his credit, Justin tried to calm the situation in the backseat of his SUV – asking the paparazzi to give 10 steps back, but when they did not things got worse.

You have to see Justin vent with a photographer, “This is so ridiculous. Look what happens in my life.”

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    Gud hit by guard..