Justin Bieber Dressed Up Wearing A Suit Days After Partying Shirtless On Yacht

Justin Bieber Wearing Suit 1

Justin bieber posed for several photos using an elegant suit of Dolce Gabbana and one of them commented on the legend, “Talk to me girl” , while with the phone to his ear and exposing a beautiful smile. Three days ago he was partying shirtless with scantily clad women while aboard a yacht in Miami. But Justin Bieber wanted to show his fans that he is still a gentleman despite his bad boy reputation. Justin also posted a photo next to Alfredo in the Shots , but moments later deleted.

Photographer Jordan Taylor also posted a picture of Justin on Twitter, the colored version of the photo that the singer posted on Instagram holding a phone. Justin Bieber Wearing Suit 2Jeremy Bieber, the singer’s father, also posted a picture on his Instagram account, originally published by Justin in his account at Shots and commented, “I miss my boy” .

. A photo of Justin this morning somewhere in the United States and was also released hours after the singer himself published some photos on his Instagram account.Justin Bieber Wearing Suit 4The 20-year-old pop superstar took the time to post five pictures to Twitter on Sunday of himself showing off a cleaned up and more mature look.Justin Bieber Wearing Suit 5

Justin Bieber Wearing Suit 8 Justin Bieber Wearing Suit 7One of the photos is captioned ‘Just the beginning‘, making his fans wonder if he’s trying to clean up his act for his on-off girlfriend 21-year-old Selena Gomez.Justin-Bieber-Wearing-Suit-6In most of the snaps shared with his over 52.7 million Twitter followers, the Baby singer is seen wearing a blue satin blazer with a black shirt and black pants.

The perfectly coiffed Bieber makes sure to highlight his Rolex watch which showcases the brand’s logo – one similar to the crown symbol he uses often.Justin Bieber Wearing Suit 3The Never Say Never crooner spent his Thursday lounging shirtless on a yacht in Miami surrounded by a bevy of friends and sexily dressed women.Justin Bieber Partying Shirtless On Yacht 2Bieber, with what appears to be a Corona beer in hand, didn’t seem to care that he was breaking the law by drinking alcohol while under the legal drinking age.Justin Bieber Partying Shirtless On Yacht 1Interestingly enough, Selena was no where to be seen, despite the duo being spotted together on numerous occasions the week before. Check out the all photos in our gallery by clicking the thumbnails below:

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