Justin Bieber: Do Selena Gomez A Favor And Dump Her For Good

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Justin Bieber was clearly don’t want to be a loyal boyfriend to Selena Gomez — he’s having too much fun hooking up with model Chantel Jeffries. So stop pretending that he’s ready to commit, and end his relationship with Selena. She can’t keep up this ridiculous roller coaster of pretending to be ready to settle down with Selena and convincing her to see him again, only to start cheating on her again, just two or three weeks later reported HollywoodLife.

Justin Bieber is already hurting Selena Gomez posting pictures with ex fling, model Chantel Jeffries, and she thinks he’s cheating. He recently throws wild party with Johnny Manziel, Floyd Mayweather and Chantel Jeffries and ‘Police called to Justin Bieber’s home’ twice,

First it was Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin, then it was any number of girls on his South African tour, then it was Chantel Jeffries in Miami, then model Yovanna Ventura, then Kylie Jenner – and now it’s back to Chantel Jeffries again!

HL reported:

And the worst part is, when you start your dating and hooking up, you don’t even try to hide it from Selena. In fact, it appears that you even enjoy making her jealous. That’s because, once Selena finds sexy texts or pictures on your phone, she freaks out and breaks up with you. Then you’re angry and you don’t mind hurting her. She pulls away, cuts off communication, cries, licks her wounds and even tries to date a bit.
It’s only when you start to get nervous that maybe you’ve finally pushed her too far that you come crawling back. Most recently, you were desperate for her support and wise advice after the upsetting release of your old and awful N-word videos. You needed a trusted shoulder to cry on and you knew that Selena was the woman for the job.

When you enter this relationship stage, you beg, you plead, and you promise that you’ve changed. You tell her that she’s the only one who you really love, which is probably true, and she finally gives in and takes you back. That’s when the pattern starts again. You romance Selena for two or three weeks, promise her the moon, and then the allure of other women begins to set in again.

Now you’ve put your Selena romance on hold once again to get up close and personal with your Miami and Panama hook-up, Chantel Jeffries. She’s in LA and busy spending time with you and posting pics of the pair of you on Instagram.

“Justin’s just being Justin again. Once he goes into cool mode, there’s really not much Selena or anyone can do to get through to him,” a source close to you told HL.

The huge problem with this of course, Justin, is that it’s hurtful and unfair to Selena. The roller coaster relationship may serve your needs — you have your true love, plus all kinds of other girl treats – but it’s making Selena crazy.

Justin, it’s time for you to do the right thing and admit honestly to yourself and to Selena that, at 20, you are no way, no how, ready to settle down. You need to firmly tell Selena that as much as you care for her, you’re not on the same page. You can’t commit.

It will be tough for you and super tough for her. But sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Selena will never be able to heal and get over you and move on with her life until you flat out dump her for good.

Justin, make a selfless move, and do it soon. You’ll be able to have as many girls as you want, completely guilt-free, and Selena will eventually get over you. If you care for Selena at all — you need to do this, Justin.

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