Google: Growth Of Searches For Justin Bieber Since 2004

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Justin Bieber is a unique artist for his generation, not only for his talent and inspiring story, but also by how the singer to stardom. Unlike most teens stars, who have started their career in major TV stations such as Disney and Nickelodeon , Justin won the heart of a true army of fans over the internet, more specifically in social networks and YouTube as having the greatest hosted its first ‘gigs’.

Another important tool for the career of Justin is Google, the biggest search tool in the world and also the ‘map’ to guide thousands of users daily to their interests and it has a history of growth of the search name to Justin over the years and shows that since 2004 the singer was already a subject of research.

From 2004 until 2008, research began timid, almost nonexistent, but the singer has attracted some searches for his name with only 1% to 5% of the volume of relevant searches. In 2009, things began to happen to the internet and Justin the singer felt part of that still achieve fame in the world, searches for the name of Justin rose from 6% to 22% in November 2009, but the same zenith came in 2010 in June 2010 Justin was with a volume of 94% of searches, this time the singer was on tour with My World Tour and spent the period of the change of voice, as he was going through puberty and also announced that it would launch a new album called “My Worlds Acoustic” .

In February 2011 Justin had his best performance in Google searches, with 100% success in search volumes, this time the movie “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never” was being released in the U.S. (February 11, 2011) and Brazil (February 25, 2011). Also in 2011, the release of the Christmas album, “Under the Mistletoe” on November 1st, yielded a volume of 80% in the polls.

In 2012, the best number of Justin in search volume was at 59% in June thanks to the release of his album Transition, “Believe” .

In 2013, the month of January represented the best volume of searches for Justin (61%), this was the start of phase with the largest number of actual controversies involving the singer and together with the facts, there also came many rumors and sensational reports. Amidst this, Justin was working on his music and even this month launched the “Believe Acoustic” (January 26, 2013), leading the Canadian superstar to beat the record of the Billboard 200, as the first artist to have five albums in top ranking before turning 19.

In January 2014, Justin hit the best search volume since November 2011 (80%), and increased by 74% of searches.

With a plot full of ups and downs since he began his career, Justin has remained as one of the most popular searches on the largest tool and in other social platforms on the Internet (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other search engines) artists, beyond Google, and so the star maintains an enviable popularity and influence.

Check out the graph of Justin’s search over the years:justin bieber google search graph

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  • Lizeth Yip