Video: ‘I Love You Always, Unconditionally’ Justin Bieber With Fans In Glendale


Justin Bieber attended the charity event organized by his friend Chris Brown, the “1st Annual Roller Skate Jam” in Glendale, California. On leaving the place, the Canadian came across a group of fans who eagerly awaited and it showed again affectionate to meet them posing for photos and giving kisses.

Some of these fans even reported date via Twitter, stating the loving how the singer was, commenting that Justin said he loves his fans unconditionally: .! “I just met Justin Bieber Oh my God, he said to us: ‘I always I will love you unconditionally ‘, my heart stopped. He is the sweetest person in the world! Thank you for a while stopping to take pictures! Even after his foot injury, we love him unconditionally. We stayed with Justin for 5 minutes. Justin’s foot was hurt tonight because someone stepped on it apparently, but he put ice and is improving. ” – Melissa (@Melissa_Ann94).

No one is sweeter than Justin Bieber’s love for us is insane and the feeling is mutual Thank you for last night I was taking pictures of my friends and he was like:… ‘You can get closer’ [We asked ]: ‘Are you okay Justin?’ [And he said] ‘Someone stepped on my foot, but it’s getting better, I put ice!’ and I hugged Literally was part of our conversation with him tonight because he was walking strangely But he’s okay “.. – Amanda (@MandizzleShow).

“He was the sweetest person in the world Thank you for last night Justin, you are the sweetest person in the world I love you very much.!.” – said Natalia (@ bieberkyIies).

Check out a video of the moment in which Justin calls his fans, after being warned by one of the officials of the event, his fans were waiting for him and want pictures, Justin yells , “Hey, my fans, come here!” :
Who was also at the event with Justin was the artist Romeo Lacoste, who commented on Justin have skated alongside other fans, like any normal guy, “It was nice to see Justin skating with fans last night. People forget that he is a normal guy sometimes.

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  • Wenona Langill

    He is really googd.

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    He treat his fans truly awesome way :)