Video: Justin Bieber Attends The Sprite Celebrity Basketball Game 2014

Justin Bieber Sprite Celebrity Basketball Game 1

Sprite Celebrity Basketball Game – 2014  was held in Los Angeles, California, the traditional event that brings together music celebrities, sports stars other than basketball and actors, in a famous game of basketball, which included the presence of Justin Bieber.

Always friendly and dedicated to his fans, Justin has met some of them while waiting for the time to come into action on the court. The participation of the Canadian superstar was not confirmed, but a call was made early and thankfully Justin decided to accept it. While some details of the game were set, the singer posed for a selfie with a fan and even met another fan who was in the crowd.

Justin and names like Chris Brown , Snoop Dogg and Floyd Mayweather were one of the teams that formed during the fierce match. During the game, Justin who was on the same team boxer Mayweather was photographed at various times planning some passes with his friend, and despite playing on the team against the team that Chris Brown played, the singers were photographed exchanging handshakes and expressing sympathy for one another. The rapper Snoop Dogg also did not fail to greet Justin, who played in “Team Lime” . Check out photos of these moments, and also shared on Instagram photos:

The Canadian star was the name most mentioned when it came to the euphoric shouts from the audience of fans and also do not want to leave the show their skills in the game, as a player who is competitive. Justin also shared photos during their passage through the game in his account on Instagram app and Shots of Me The assistant singer Viktoria Ilieva , who was giving the performance of 20 year old alongside other members of his entourage to, among Lil Za and John Shahidi also posted a photo of Justin Floyd side of the subtitle and commented, “champions”.

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