‘He’s Been Calling Me Just To Help Him’ TI Reveals The Advice He Gave To Justin Bieber


During a interview with the rapper and music producer Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. better known by his stage name TI, commented on his friendship with Canadian singer Justin Bieber and also expressed his opinion on the latest controversy surrounding the name of star, old videos where it had racist jokes and for which already publicly apologized.

TI has been with Justin in the study, producing the next album of the singer revealed that despite not always meet with the Canadian, still keeps in touch by phone with the singer and always advised to go through the difficult stage of the first year phase adult and mature little privacy amid the media reserve for the young stars.

“I’m just trying to use my experiences to help him keep on track, as I did. Saving it a bit this anguish. Justin has really called me just to help him navigate himself from where it is to where it should be.”

TI said he has not spoken to Justin after two videos of him making racist jokes have fallen on the Internet, but he believes that JB has to be held accountable. “Every man is accountable for his actions and the words he say. Yet I also I think we should take into account the time it happened and how old he was when it happened.”

Since then, he published an apology in writing, but is it enough?

“I think he certainly has to answer about it. He definitely has some explaining to do. But I think everyone who watched [Videos] have to give him a chance. You can not convict someone before being given an opportunity for explanation. I think this is key. “

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  • Tory Pulford