Video: Justin Bieber Goes To The Nightclub In Los Angeles

Justin Bieber In Nightclub Los Angeles 1

Justin Bieber was at the nightclub Bootsy Bellows in Los Angeles, California. The singer posed 20 years alongside some colleagues, among them the singer to Quincy, model and actress Amber Rose, producer Jermaine Dupri and DJ and producer Peter Rosenberg, who published photos next Canadian superstar in their accounts in the application Instagram, like Justin himself who in one of the photos next to the Amber commented, “Great night with friends” .

Amber also showed in the caption of a photo of his sympathy for Justin, and commented, “The Bieber wanted a picture with me and I with him. He is a sweet ” . Have the DJ revealed that Jermaine had a great conversation with Canadian and concluded with the same what Justin is “a great time of his life” . Check out the photos in our gallery by clicking the thumbnails below:

Justin was spotted leaving the club and hid the flashes of the paparazzi along the way. Check out the video:

Commenting on his expression in the photo with DJ, Justin tweeted, “This is the worst picture ever. Hahaha ” . Justin also posed alongside Emily B an Australian actress and model for 26 years. Quincy also published the full version of his picture next to Justin on his official Facebook profile and commented in the caption, “With my brother Justin Bieber” .

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