Video: Beyonce And Jay-Z Use Justin Bieber Photo In Prison On Screen Of The Concert


Beyonce and Jay-Z began his tour, “On The Run Tour” in the United States and during the performance of the song “Izzo”, also called “H to the Izzo” , which in his letter discusses the ups and downs of a celebrity drug use and attitudes controversies that fame can bring many artists have, several mugshots of celebrities, including Justin Bieber were displayed.

Justin Bieber prison photo in beyonce and jay z concert 1The disclosure of images confused some fans who thought it would be mocking the power couple passing by Justin prison in January this year, but the photos of the various prisoners only famous as the backdrop for the performance of Jay-Z, and during the presentation became clear the purpose of displaying pictures, when Beyonce said while the pictures were displayed, “Even the best can fall, but then get up.”

Check out video of the moment (time 00:57 ):

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  • Dawn Talamentez

    Not cool with that.