Google Team Says That Justin Bieber Is One Of The Most Popular Doodle

justin bieber google doodle

American Ryan Germick and the British Matthew Cruickshank part of the team of doodlers of Google , the team responsible for creating fun designs and animations that replace the logo on the homepage of the company on special occasions. During an interview with the INFO, professionals talked about inspirations, work, World Cup and the constant requests that Justin Bieber stamp the home of Google, even assuming that the Canadian star would much popularity if it was one of the doodlers home ‘s largest search engine network, but they prefer to keep only holidays.

Ryan : We have to say that no doodle can be a favorite with everyone, but each doodle to be the favorite of at least one person. Our goal is not to create the most popular designs. If we wanted popularity would put Justin Bieber on the logo.

As well as Justin Bieber?

Ryan: We received many emails with requests and suggestions. And of course, Justin Bieber is one of the most popular. It’s nothing against him, somehow. We also received suggestions from other artists, brands, companies … But the goal is to celebrate doodle dates and times, made ​​of humanity. Why are you so attached to events and people in the areas of science and technology.

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