‘She Still Loves’ Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Are Together Again

Selena Gomez Justin Bieber Dating

After the photo published by Justin Bieber to his account in the app Instagram , where the singer appeared 20 years getting a hug from the singer and actress Selena Gomez and the same subtitle commented, “Our love is unconditional” , speculations about the artists have resumed the relationship became constant in websites and social networks. Weeks after the photo and some appearances of Bieber and Gomez together,  reports confirm that Jelena is back or at least, according to a source, the couple is trying to resume dating and letting things happen.

The couple back-and-back was seen again leaving a recording studio in Los Angeles in blue Ferrari Bieber, and a source told E! News that the exes are together again.

Bieber, who sparked rumors last week by posting a photo and then delete the cozy appearance of them together, ready to dive back to the point where they were before, but Gomez, 21, wants to take things slower.

“She still loves him” , said the source . “It’s hard for her to forget it, because they have a history together.

This seems likely considering the star of Spring Breakers and singer of “Baby” apparently were never able to keep a distance so even at times when they were supposedly ended, reported E News.

You simply can not ignore these feelings,” the source added. “There’s a lot involved.”

In addition, Gomez is not the least bit concerned for those in her circle of friends who disapprove Bieber, ie, those who are thinking throughout their history together, and not just the good times. And, our source said, she seems not to care about the media speculation and anything that involves dating the controversial pop star.

Gomez is doing what she wants, and at their own pace, the source said.

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