Iggy Pop Says That Justin Bieber Is The Future Of Rock Campaigning Against Torture

Justin Bieber Future Of Rock Campaigning Against Torture

The newest campaign of Amnesty International, a protest against torture and the organization has used famous saying things that supposedly never say unless they were under torture and the name of Justin Bieber appears in one of the posters starring the rocker Iggy Pop .

The use of torture to get information is undoubtedly a dubious means to get to the truth. Once, to defend himself, the victim will agree with what is expected, this is the theme of a Belgian advertising campaign, which, unusually, used the name of Justin Bieber.

Posters illustrating the face of celebrities, pop and religious, as Iggy Pop and the Dalai Lama, their faces covered in bruises and a statement that presupposes the truth spoken at the time of torture. In one phrase “Justin Bieber is the future of Rock & Roll” is stamped.

According to Philippe Hensmans, director of the campaign, saying it was chosen because, “We can not imagine Iggy Pop saying that Justin Bieber is the future of rock” , which makes the campaign slogan “Torture a man and he’ll tell you anything ” , has his complete meaning.

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  • Maricruz Gauld

    Best person for this campaign.