‘They Probably Friends’ Brother Of Michael Jackson Talk About Justin Bieber

justin bieber michael jackson

Michael Jackson died without witnessing the rise of Justin Bieber and Canadian who have MJ as his biggest idol music, always had a dream to meet and even work with the King of Pop in a musical collaboration.

TMZ quickly interviewed Jermaine Jackson, brother of Michael and said he believed even if Justin MJ had known, they would have been friends, and even composed songs together. Check out the video and the response Jermaine:

When asked how his brother would react to the recent leak of old videos with jokes considered racist, made ​​by Bieber, Jermaine said: “Michael would have ‘straightened’ him. Michael talk to him as a father figure, and say to him, ‘Hey, you have to relax, calm down.’

Answering the question, “Do you think Michael would have been friends with Justin” Jermaine said: “Probably, yes.”

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