‘He Wept’ Justin Bieber Undergoes Phase Controversy With Family And Friends

justin bieber cry

Justin Bieber and his fans already live daily polemics, but the old videos of the singer citing a racist expression is still giving the talk and generated more force to negative headlines about the Canadian. All criticisms are not only affecting the majority of featured websites and tabloids, but also many of his fans, and people close to the singer himself. After apologizing again, Bieber has been getting support from people who are close to him, going through this phase.

A source close to Bieber told the “Mail Online” that the impact caused by the videos hit him hard. “Justin cried a lot. But he knows he must take responsibility for his actions. He is facing his past and spends time with real friends and parents.

About affliction that has caused so much criticism to heart Justin, Pastor Carl Lentz , a friend with whom the singer also has the hours that seeks spiritual support, the same support sent via Twitter:

“I hate to see peoples past mistakes cause pain in the present .. I’m proud of @ justinbieber , the man he is / is Becoming, Despite old videos ..”

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    Be strong.

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    Haters always hate.