“A Young Man With The World On His Shoulders” Trey Songz On Justin Bieber

Trey Songz Justin bieber

In an interview the musician Trey Songz commented on have recorded a remix of “Foreign” with Justin Bieber, which will be released on his new album, “Trigga”. Trey also made it clear that he admires the musical maturity of Justin and defended the star of the criticisms that has been facing for older videos where it appears using a racist term.

When talking about the making of the remix of ” Foreign ” with Justin Bieber, Trey Songz shared his thoughts about the issues that Bieber is facing.

“I really like the way he is developing as an artist. About the last thing that came out of it saying the word with ‘N’ years ago, I think for him to develop as an artist and do what he wants to do, musically, and load all the problems he carries, I find it somewhat difficult to deal with, ” he said. “Being a young guy, with [the] world on his shoulders as he is and has the world watching you grow and judging all their steps until reaching adulthood … I think he does a great job anyway. we all make mistakes we would not like to expose how they are exposed in his life.”

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  • Jeanie Coton