Vine: Justin Bieber Participates In Many Comedy Videos


Justin Bieber met with some colleagues to write several Vines in his hotel suite in Los Angeles and took advantage of the meeting to promote the application of which the singer’s partner, Shots Of Me .

Dozens of selfies were published alongside Justin at ( here ) and hours after meeting with his “team of Vine” , the singer released the first of them, in behalf of model Amanda Cerny, where both appear promoting Shots . In the scene, Amanda does everything to draw attention of the singer with his physical gifts, but Justin is too distracted accessing Shots of me to pay attention. Watch the player below:

The musician and YouTube personality, DeStorm also recorded a Vine with Justin and they represent the same comical fashion craze that some guests have to take things from staying in hotels room. Watch:

The singer and producer, Liane V also published a fun Vine alongside Justin and the King Bach. Check out:

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