“I Think She Loves Him “ Selena Gomez Grandparents Talk About The Relationship With Justin Bieber

selena gomez and justin bieber

In an exclusive interview from his home in Grand Prairie, Texas, Selena Gomez‘s grandfather, Ricardo Gomez, told Radar, “We care … I think she loves him.” Bieber was seen partying with models in Cannes in recent days, Gomez, jealous would have written about it on Instagram, “He prefers to [be] with the models.” But your grandfather insists the couple are still in touch.

They still come,” Ricardo, 59, told Radar. But that does not mean it’s a perfect combination. Indeed, as the misbehavior Bieber continues to make headlines, the next Selena people worry that he is not the man he used to be and that Selena should keep away.

Ricardo explains: “We know him since he started and he was a bright young man.” Hanging out with the family during visits to Ricardo and his wife Mary, at home in Texas, Bieber quickly met the couple, even earning the nickname “flaco” in Spanish, which means to “lean”.

He was just a nice guy” , says Ricardo. “Totally different than it is now …. It just makes me feel upset because he used to be a good boy really.”

Indeed, the arrest of Bieber in Miami earlier this year “was just a shock,” says Ricardo. “He lost control with people who are around him.”

We Care” , Ricardo continues. “Do not bother just because of the relationship with Selena. We care about him. We hate to see him in trouble.”

According to Ricardo, this applies to Selena. The last time she opened with her ​​grandparents about their relationship, he says: “Selena was telling us that she would not stay with him because of what he was doing lately, and that he was entering the world of drugs and was something she does not like. ”

Lately we’re upset with his behavior,” he continues. “He’s getting in a lot of trouble lately. I really do not know why. We blame the people who are around you, his friends are bad influences.”

Ricardo says that the inner circle of Justin Selena sees as “a good influence on him” and that “say it’s good for her to be by his side … What killed off the bad habits.”

But it is increasingly clear that, if that was the plan, it is not working. The bad behavior of Bieber continues, “I think it all is in his hands” , says Ricardo. “… He has this age, everything he does is for fun. He does not think of the consequences, I think because he is too young. ”

He is talented, but I think he can do better” , Ricardo insists, “and I think if he strive for it, he can. It needs to be Justin Bieber, without imitating anyone. We feel that is what he is doing, imitating the wrong people. ”

Despite all its flaws, however, Ricardo and Maria still believe that Bieber, 20 and Selena, 21, can overcome everything.

I think she loves him” , Ricardo admits, confessing . “We would be happy because she is happy with him she knows that whatever she decides to do, I mean [she knows] that we will support it.”

I said to her. “You are a young You know what you want … Whatever you like, I mean just to fight for it‘” ., he says “” We will not go in her life this way it is very private.

We love her [Selena], and like Justin,” admits Richard. “Because, as we said, we know from the beginning and always thought they were a good couple, a brilliant couple, and they were an example for majority. they were always in the news, and everyone saw them as an example.

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