Justin Bieber Bought Necklace Worth €400,000 In Charity Auction

Justin Bieber Bought Necklace Worth $550,000

Justin Bieber attended the charity event organized by NGOs amfAR , the “Cinema Against AIDS 2014” in France, which aimed to raise money to fund research for the cure of HIV/AIDS. In addition to accepting donations from their wealthy guests and most famous, the amFAR held an auction of various items, including a Bulgari necklace that matched white gold and diamond snake format.

Justin Bieber and actor Leonardo DiCaprio entered the contest and after many moves, Justin won with the best offer €400 thousand dollars, The official Twitter of the jewelry brand, Bulgari, posted a picture with the news, which Justin appears alongside actor Adrien Brody:

Proceeds from the auction and donations will be used to research institutions for the cure of HIV/AIDS and this year’s “Cinema Against AIDS” his biggest hit record collections, with over $ 35 million dollars raised for charity. Check out the photo of the necklace sold for Bieber:Justin Bieber Bought Necklace Worth $550,000 In Charity AuctionSEE ALSO: ‘Some People Just Want To Criticize’ Justin Bieber On The Comments Of Seth Rogen